Enjoy the comfort and space in a unique atmosphere of an unusual design!

MGLOBE.Glamping  Modern form of Glamping!

The best camping places offer an array of facilities thanks to which we can feel extraordinary. The answer to the rising interest in spending time in closeness to nature is our spherical tent in a Glamping version. The term “glamping” is derived from “Glamour” – which means “luxurious” and “camping” – MGLOBE Glamping is an ideal offer for those who love spending time in the bosom of nature and while doing so want to enjoy the comfort and space in a unique atmosphere of an unusual design.

  • Holidays or maybe a holiday business?

    Glamping is a luxurious form of camping. It is ideal for those who dream of resting in a direct contact with nature. Are you planning a holiday or maybe a holiday business? MGLOBE.Glamping is an innovative solution that will attract attention thanks to its design and unique form.

  • The view – The window on the World.

    Thanks to the panoramic window, which the whole front wall of our spherical tent consists of, one can get an impression of being into the very centre of the natural outside habitat. There is an “intimacy with nature effect” which one cannot achieve in the usual cabins, caravans or tents.

  • Unlimited arrangement possibilities!

    You have as many possible arrangements as camping places in the world! We leave the choice of the interior setup, the furnishing and a potential installation options – the toilet, kitchenette or any others, to you! You can adjust the space according to your and your guests’ needs.

Available Sizes

  • Glamping 6.0

    • Area: 28.00 m2
    • Diameter: 6.00 m
    • Height: 3.56 m
  • Glamping 7.5

    • Area: 44.00 m2
    • Diameter: 7.50 m
    • Height: 3.75 m
  • Glamping 9.0

    • Area: 64.00 m2
    • Diameter: 9.00 m
    • Height: 4.50 m

Which variant would be the most suitable for you?

  • Glamping Standard

    Diameter: 6.0 m, 7.5 m, 9.0 m.
    Area: 28 m2, 44 m2, 64 m2.
    Membrane: Slow-burning B1 according to DIN 4102/BS 5438:1989. 
    Entrance hole: One.
    Door: High quality PVC material.
    Construction: Aluminum.
    A/C – Heating hole: Two.
    Vents: 3 or 5 in the top of the tent, conditioned by the size of it.
    Furnishing: According to the customer’s arrangements.
    Heating: heating coil, electric fireplace, air conditioner or other heating devices that do not emit fumes allowed.

  • Glamping Premium

    Średnica: 6.0 m, 7.5 m, 9.0 m.
    Powierzchnia: 28 m2, 44 m2, 64 m2.
    Membrana: Trudnopalna B1 wg. DIN 4102 / BS 5438:1989.
    Otwór wejściowy: Jeden.
    Drzwi: Wysokiej jakości tkanina PVC.
    Konstrukcja: Aluminium.
    Otwór A/C – Heating: 2
    Otwory wentylacyjne: 3 lub 5 w szczycie, uzależnione od wielkości namiotu.
    Ogrzewanie: Możliwość zainstalowania kominka z odprowadzeniem spalin na zewnątrz namiotu. Szczegóły w karcie technicznej produktu. Możliwość zainstalowania urządzeń elektrycznych.
    Wyposażenie: wyposażenie według aranżacji Klienta.
    Panele izolujące: Możliwość zastosowania dodatkowej izolacji termicznej.

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    Define Your Needs
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  • Membrane

    PVC or PES materials used to produce the exterior membrane fulfill the highest quality standards. Moreover, they come from prestigious German producers. All the fabrics are trimmed to order; next, we join them into a unique, spherical shape with the use of high frequency welding machines. Such method of preparation complies with the highest quality standards. PVC materials used in our production have slow-burning certificates.

    Slow-burning or non-inflammatory membrane is the warranty of safe usage.

  • Construction

    Thanks to its aluminum construction this modern tent with a unique design gains on functionality. Assembly, disassembly, changing place or turning is possible without any experienced fitters, special tools, lifts or elevators. The aluminum applied guarantees durability and aesthetic look in the long term – the elements of the construction do not corrode.

    Combined with a solid MGLOBE.glamping membrane, the aluminum construction enables the use of our tent at any time of the year, during any season. All the constructions have been mathematically checked against wind force (10 Beaufort scale) and snow load.

Product Information

What are the conditions for me to use the glamping tent safely?

MGlobe spherical tents are produced according to the project documentation. Static calculations of each tent are in compliance with the current standards. The constructions are prepared for maximum sustained wind of 10 Beaufort scale as well as snow load according to the requirements standardized for this type of constructions. As the manufacturer Mglobe recommends to use the spherical tent in moderate conditions not exceeding the above mentioned ones.

How are the tent constructions classified in terms of the use permit?

MGlobe spherical tents are classified as a temporary tent construction and as such do not require any using permit. We recommend to verify the local laws before setting up a tent.


We provide a 12-month warranty for all the constructing elements of our spherical tents. This warranty does not cover mechanical damage of the construction elements, nor the mechanical damage of the outside skin. The warranty does not cover damages that occur due to failure to apply the safety regulations and assembly/disassembly of the product, improper maintenance or any damage resulting from action of third parties.