Unique Structures – Unique Applications

  • Event Space

    Unlimited and possible space application options can be adapted to any need.


  • Restaurant | Cafe

    Be unique. Choose one out of three possible options. Make your clients feel special.

  • EKO – Garden

    Greenhouse – A State of the art greenhouse in your garden.

  • mglobepolandsale

    Retail Outlets

    A small ice – cream stall or boutique? Our unique design will make your business stand out against the competition.

  • Beautiful Garden

    Create a unique space in your garden. Enjoy its outstanding functionality.

  • Exhibitions | Stands

    Planning to promote a product or a service? Promote your business in a professional manner.

  • Hotel | VIP Lounge

    A unique relaxing zone for your patrons.

  • Glamping | Camping

    Glamping is a luxurious form of camping. It is ideal for those who dream of resting in a direct contact with nature.

The creation of such unique constructions is fuelled by innovative technology.

The result is an advanced technological product which is a work of art in its own right and an innovative engineering feat.

  • The Highest Standard

    Attention has been paid to each and every stage in the production line to ensure the best quality and standards. We offer a manufacturer’s guarantee for the construction elements employed in our products.

     Easy Assembly

    Our constructions are designed to simplify assembly with no need for specialist tools. Each construction comes with its own assembly manual and product specifications.

  •  Light Construction

    Light but durable, resistant to atmospheric conditions – These are the criteria adopted in the design stage for systems available at MGLOBE POLAND. The total weight of the aluminum construction of our smallest product is only 27kg.

     Certificates, Approvals

    The products come with components that are certified and approved as required by European Union countries regulations.

  • Unique Appearance

    The unique feeling of space, unlimited possibilities of arrangement and the sophisticated elements involved are the main characteristics of our product, which makes it both a work of art and a feat of innovative engineering.

    Unlimited Functionability

    The utility functions on offer are only limited by one’s creative talent.

  • Discover Construction Advantage

    • Aluminium Constructions
      All components are manufactured using certifed quality aluminium.
    • Light Weight – Impressive performance
      The product’s unique constructional shape structure minimizes the weight of the components used. The total weight of the aluminum construction of our smallest product is only 27kg.
    • The Outer Shell
      The outer PVC shell – is classified as unignitable based on the Building Research Institute Certificate – DIN 4102 B1 and EN 13501 – 1.
    • Stand – Alone Installation
      Assembly time mglobe 4.6 diameter tent with a diameter takes a two people team about 1h.15 min.
    • No need for a crane or specialist tools
      Our systems come with a detailed instruction manual. The only mounting tool needed is a wrench key.
    • Easy Transport
      Our lightweight construction can fit into a station wagon and can be easily transported to any destination.
    • Worldwide Shipping
      We deliver our products to Eastern European Countries, the USA, Canada and Australia.
    • Short Lead Time
      Delivery time is a mere maximum of 4 weeks from the date of the order.

Available Sizes 

  • mglobe 4.6

    • Area: 16,61 m2
    • Diameter: 4,60 m
    • Height: 2,75 m
    • Capacity: 8 people

  • mglobe 6.0

    • Area: 28.00 m2
    • Diameter: 6.00 m
    • Height: 3.56 m
    • Capacity: 17 people

  • mglobe 7.5

    • Area: 44.00 m2
    • Diameter: 7.50 m
    • Height: 3.75 m
    • Capacity: 28 people

  • mglobe 9.0

    • Area: 64.00 m2
    • Diameter: 9.00 m
    • Height: 4.50 m
    • Capacity: 42 people

Dedicated Solutions – Many Outer Shell.

  • Geodesic Dome Kits – Available for Rent.

  • mglobe.rent

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