Winter Garden, or a Modern Greenhouse ?


mglobe.greenhouse sheathing is ideal for use during the winter as a winter garden. Thanks to the transparent shell, the sun’s rays fill the interior releasing heat. This provides a solution in harsh winters and freezing temperatures and offers a comfortable relaxing environment. mglobe.greenhouse can function as a modern backyard greenhouse, which means that the cultivation of plants or vegetables need not be a problem.

Transparent Coating

Very high quality PVC film characterized by high strength and high transparency. It is resistant to UV, ideal for use in outdoor conditions ranging from – 25 to + 70 degrees Celsius. The coating has been tested for inflammability. Classification BS 5438:1989 and Certificate of Hygene.


Door System

An innovative mglobe.greenhouse door system which is connected to the shell durable zippers. The door consists of two elements, and depending on the user’s needs may be rigged or completely detached.


Light weight – impressive effect! mglobe.greenhouse Sheathing is designed so that a user can independently set up a coating on the structure without much effort and specialized tools. The coating comes in two parts (the upper layer side portions, the front and a door system) is joined together by means of high-strength Velcro, so that rigging all the pieces together is not a challenge.

Design – Innovative Engineering System

The structural elements of our systems are made of high quality aluminum. The aluminum structure components used are characterized by very high mechanical strength and resistance to fatigue. The structure is resistant to adverse weather conditions – does not corrode.

Why aluminum?

At the product conception stage of development, we tested different types of alloys available on the market and came to the conclusion that the offered product must meet the following four criterias:

  • first – construction must be mechanically stable and resistant,
  • second – design elements need to be light, to ensure no need for specialized equipment during assembly,
  • thirdly – logistical and transport capabilities,
  • fourth – design.

These criteria led us to create the perfect product.

Did you know that? Aluminum structure mglobe 4.6 weighs only 27 kg.

Standard or exclusive options

The structural elements of our systems in the standard version are colored satin, but nevertheless, there is a possibility to order all components in an exclusive version – Our product is a treated aluminum compound or powder coated RAL.

Which option will be suitable for you?